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A girl dressed in a flower kimono holds warm tea in her hand beside a red parasol. Above her are cherry blossom trees. Philosopher's Walk Path, Kyoto, Japan
Large healthy orange and white koi fish in the ponds of Okayama's famous Korakuen Garden, Japan.
Looking down through the glass floor of the Lantau Island cable car. Hong Kong
Three elderly Japanese ladies sit on a small park bench together. Kagoshima, Japan
The 200 ft fishing boat named No.18 Kyotoku Maru was swept one kilometre from the Kesennuma Port to finally rest where houses and local businesses once stood. March 2011 Tsunami, Kesennuma, Japan
A close up photo of the hands, hammer and chisel of a country boat builder. Panglao Island, Philippines
8 months later - Optimism in the form of a graphic band-aid to help heal the badly damaged Knox Church on Bealey Avenue - from the February 22, 2011 Christchurch New Zealand earthquake
An Australian Darter on the bank of Perth's Swan River spreads its wings to dry in the sun.
A butterfly sits in the centre of thin radiating green leaves. Bohol Island, Philippines
A small girl watches a couple walking along the tree lined path, made famous in the Korean soap drama Winter Sonata. Nami Island, Chuncheon, South Korea
Two girls in colourful kimonos smile for the camera. Philosopher's Walk Path, Kyoto, Japan
HDR photograph of the Iwakuni Kintai-kyo bridge during the cherry blossom season
Small colourful flowers taken in Kagoshima, Japan
Four school girls smile for the camera with a background of coconut trees on a country road. Panglao Island, Philippines
A photo taken from Queens Gardens of the 2012 Chinese New Year fireworks in Gloucester Park. Perth, Australia
A nice place for a rest with a view of the upper Perth River in the backgound and Prospectors Creek below us, with evening cloud closing in around the mountains. Westland, New Zealand. Andy Leighton, Garry Turnbull (photo credit: Mick D.)
A night view over Victoria Harbour from the summit of the Peak Tramway, Hong Kong
An Air Force Iroquois takes off after dropping searchers on the side of a mountain, after exiting the helicopter in steep terrain its often best just to drop to the ground below the helicopter and wait until its clear before moving away from the landing area. Waitaha River Valley, Westland, New Zealand